Real time/Collectd graphs (physical rate) shown as flat line for 5G wlan0

For wlan1 (2,4G/n i have all correctly shown in real-time and collectd graphs)

For wlan0 (5,2G/ac i don’t know why i have physical speed as flat-line, rest values are fine).
in small overview(wifi configuration or/and system overview) it shows just 6Mbit as fixed number
(in detail overview it shows Real Tx/Rate (correctly)
, in real time graphs it shows 23Mbit (flat line) + collectd shows only 6MBit/s (flat line)
, i know i am transmitting on 2x36Mbit(6%), 2x48Mbit(18%), 2x54Mbit(23%), 2x60Mbit(14%), 2x72Mbit(4%) + rest is on single streams (as monitored on client side).

Do i need to check/config something to have all streams(like cumulative speed/rate) together shown in real-time/collectd graphs ?

tx rate is reported as 6mbps due to firmware limitation (no tx rate information in tx completions); instead see /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phyX/ath10k/fw_stats


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