Rapid fire updates


We’ve suddenly moved from hardly any updates to almost daily kernel releases. Is this due to fixing security bugs ( kudos) or some other driver?

Is it possible to have the email that notifies us of a patch/upgrade authorization request to contain a link to the release notes that document why we should apply these?



I don’t have daily kernel updates, but there are some here and there, that are security updates, I suppose.
How often you get updates, can well depend on how many packages you have installed, either manually or as a group with ticking in some features in Foris.
You can get email notifications about the updates, if you set it and your mail address in Maintenance menu (in Foris).
You can also set update approval, so they wont be installed automatically but you can get email about their possibilities.

But I agree, It would be still nice if there would be also some information about why they have been applied.
My guess is that minor updates are probably because of security, since there is usually a release notes and discussions on major upgrades in the forum, describing the new features.

and i have read it somewhere that there was a plan to be able to subscribe to news feed, so you will be able to get notifications and information of such releases automatically.

Check in what branch you are. I suspect that you are in nightly. We are not releasing release notes for nightly branch.

Thanks. Where would I check the branch? Today another kernel release came over the wire, now sitting at 4.4.100, making this the third kernel update in about a week.

The current kernel for the regular releases is 4.4.91 so you’re likely on some other branch.

Check the file /etc/config/updater and see if there’s something like

config override 'override'
option branch 'nightly'

I believe removing the “option branch” line will put you back on the regular release train.

Yep, you are in nightly, so type in terminal switch-branch deploy

I ran the switch-branch deploy and the updated did some processing, leaving me on 4.4.100 ( the router is stable so I’m not worried about the version). A manual execution of updater.sh after a reboot didn’t do anything other than tell me no changes were needed. There’s nothing about nightly in the updated config file now and TBH, I don’t recall ever having explicity swapped branches any time in the past.

Thanks for your help.

Derp! no explicit changes other than adding the test-base repositories to my custom feeds config when the dnsmasq patching was needed a month or so back. Would that have forced me onto nightly?

Yes if you did opkg install updater-ng in some time in past (also applies on package opkg-trans).

I removed the two test repos from the software config and boom! back to the standard branch. Thanks for the pointers.