Random Omnia freezes and related LAN issues after update to 5.x

I have not bee able to debug any of these, and could use some advice or suggestions. Sorry, this is light on technical details - I have not been able to find a single error message or warning that seems relevant. There have been a couple of disparate posts on these forums that might match one of these issues, but there’s never any solutions.

I have a 2GB Omnia (Indiegogo), shipped Nov. 2016. It was an excellent piece of kit when it was running 3.x. UI was not the friendliest, but it worked and was powerful. The only real problem I had was the netboot interface with a MOX I used as a WAP for a while. The Foris interface was not usable.

In Nov. 2020, the Omnia stopped updating. It would go through the motions and notify me it needed a reboot, but after it powered back up, all of the stuff it said it had installed was gone and it would want to update and reboot, again. I figured it was the eMMC dying, already had an SSD installed for a few LXC containers, so followed the instructions at https://wiki.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/omnia_booting_from_external_storage, and switched to TOS 5.x, while I was at it. Install was smooth (other than typing the “setenv” commands) and I was back up and running shortly.

Unfortunately, I’ve had multiple issues since. The strange thing is that the “total network kill” problems never happen during work or school hours. The ones that I’m not sure are caused by the Omnia, and the wireless issues do happen. But we’re mostly wired, and the downstairs WAP are fine. If it was otherwise, the Omnia would have been replaced, already. There have been no serious issues, yet, during work hours, so I’m willing to take some time to see if I can work out the issues.

Issues that I can’t say, for sure, are the Omnia:

  • random quick internet drops during the day. It’s causing havoc with my work VPN and VDI, but it’s blippy enough that I can’t root-cause if it’s internal or external
  • my work laptop will connect to wifi and work fine for a couple of minutes, then it will stay connected, but “wifi has no internet”. All other wireless devices connected to the Omnia have no issues. Work laptop has no issues connecting to the downstairs WAP - house has metal lath in the 1st floor ceiling and walls - makes a great Faraday cage.

Issues that are definitely the Omnia:

  • longer internet drops in the later evening (and possibly over night). This happens almost every single day. The Omnia just freezes for a few minutes. No pings, no routing, no response. It will usually starts working again after a few minutes. There’s nothing relevant that I can see in the logs - just a “turris crond[8571]: (root) CMD (/usr/bin/rainbow_button_sync.sh)” every 60 seconds.
  • Rare (2 so far, but recent and 20 minutes apart): during some of the freezes, the LEDs are completely turning off. The first time, I thought it had shutdown, so power cycled. The second time, the router defrosted just as I was about to power cycle it and the LEDs turned back on
  • Very rare, and so far, only after coming back from some freezes: Omnia response time is extremely slow. Ping response it high ms to seconds with a large amount of dropped packets
  • Rare: wireless routing stops. Wired connections have no issues. Reboot fixes.

I’ll try to update this post with details as the issues happen. Unfortunately, up to now, other than digging and complaining, I haven’t been tracking the problems too closely.

Several hours after posting this message, the Omnia froze and took out a meeting and my son’s class over zoom. Then it froze again two hours later during the make-up meeting. That was the last straw. It’s been replaced. I may consider repurposing it as a NAS, but for now, it’s unconnected.

I can now say for sure that the other two issues were, in fact, the Omnia. My VDI has been rock-solid and the work laptop wifi has been absolutely fine since the replacement.

The replacement has a few missing features, but constantly working internet is not one of them.