RADIUSdesk reForis Package

Can you please implement RADIUSdesk as reForis Package?

Forum, to which you did address your plea, can’t do it… You should address Omnia team instead…

@x0tester0x you could deploy it yourself with docker:

Just change exposed port from :80 to lets say :8080 so it doesnt interfere with lighttpd

Ok, but can I deploy the Docker Container also on a external device like a Raspberry Pi which is connected via Ethernet to the Turris Omnia and how do I have to configure the Turris Omnia then?

You use WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise so EAP and you point to your RADIUS server on Raspbi

All is in LuCI in Wireless tab

OK and how can I configure this for the LAN Ports?

I was also wondering that