R8168 driver on Omnia?

Hi, I got this card for testing: https://www.patro.cz/digitus-dual-gigabit-ethernet-mini-pci-express-network-card/ . It’s mPCIe dual GbE card with two R8111F chips from realtek connected via a PCIe packet switch.

I don’t intend to use it with my Omnia, but as it didn’t work in my intended setup, I wanted to use Omnia to test whether this card works at all or not. I suspect it’s broken because too many pins beep together when tested with a beeping ohm-meter (on the daughter-board with the RJ45 connectors)… But let’s suppose I’m no electrirician and it might be good (there’s no visible damage or stuff shorting the paths, plus the very same pins are shorted on both connectors (but not cross-connector)).

I connected the main board to the middle mPCIe slot of my Omnia, and after boot, two Realtek devices showed up in lspci. But the system could not find an ethernet driver for these devices, so they did not show up in ifconfig and others.

According to what I found, the driver should be r8168, but I haven’t found it in opkg. Is there a way to get it? Did somebody try something like that?