Questions about the new OMNIA II (2022)

Hi dear Turris Team and entusiasts,

I have a few of questions about some possible very useful features.

From the pics i seen i presume it will be a native 4 Band WIFI6e compatible product, is it right?

Is it planed to support directly (one click like / auto-config) some Mesh satelite devices like some (cheeper but powerful) other WIFI 6 HW, for example a Xiaomi ax3600, or any TP Link or other manufacturer, to can be able to expand the router SSID on a multi-AP SSID in this very simple and modern/ergonomic way? Or do you plan to offer a Mesh-solution component like the Synology (more Mesh dedicated) MR2200?

Do you really plan to integrate a cooling fan (i think for me is important to know how mutch DB noise level it will put out on full throttle, in the case a costumer have to plug the WAN in a living or sleeping room)?

I’m sorry, I’m very curious :wink:
Greetings from Vienna

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