Question about replacing ISP router with Turrris Omnia

Hi All,
I’ve just received my brand new Omnia and I’m working to set it up to replace my ISP router as primary one. Please forgive me if I made dumb question but I’m rather new to TO and OpenWrt.

My fist question is: why I do not see the switch panel in the network menu of Luci?

Now my goal is to setup my omnia as primary router. My ISP requirement for the data connection are to setup WAN pppoe with VLAN tag 835 and few other options. I think that I succeeded to do that directly modifying /etc/config/network file:

config interface ‘wan’
option ifname ‘eth2.835’
option ipv6 ‘1’
option proto ‘pppoe’
option encaps ‘llc’
option username ‘xxxxxx’
option password ‘xxxxxx’

But in addition to that I need to setup VOIP. The idea is to keep the ISP router that has 2 FXS ports for analogically phone and connect it as second router behind the Omnia.
To do that I have setup the guest network in reForis linked to LAN4.
To mange VOIP my ISP require a second pppoe connection with a different VLAN tag (836) My idea is to let the ISP modem connect to LAN4 to handle this second pppoe connection directly.

Is this making any sense? Anything better to suggest?

Thanks in advance for any help

It is recommended to use the setup or Connection Wizard first … in Foris

Thank you for the suggestion, but I don’t think that I can use the wizard to configure the pppoe setup required by my ISP. I don’t see a way to customise the setup with the extra parameters required