Quectel EC20 firmware


  1. Does cz.nic provide firmware for the quectel EC20 or should we contact Quectel? It seems that the firmware of EC20 provided with omnia is rather old (EC20EQAR02A04E2G Dec 9 2015 17:21:52, Authors: QCT SubEdition: V02) and there exist newer (based on this)
  2. Is qflash for Linux (arm) usable with omnia? It is provided with all the documentation here but from the documentation it does not seem to be compatible (as in omnia the AT commands port is ttyUSB3 rather than ttyUSB2 iin the qflash documentation)
  3. If qflash is not usable in omnia, could cz.nik provide DFOTA firmware update guide?