Quectel 4G module installation problem!


sorry to disturb, I´d need some help with establishling an internet connection through
Quectel LTE Modem within Openwrt Omnia Turris router.
I have installed Qualcomm USB serial driver and but after typing data of my austrian 3 simcard it still won´t connect. Is any help possible from your side eventually?

Installing only the Qualcomm driver alone is not enough, for the first install i connected my Turris to an existing Internet connection the updater than installed the necessary packages, otherwise the LTE connection didn’t work.

To get an idea of the necessary packages take a look at:



I have done that already and yes I have Quectel connection but simply can´t establish internet connection.

Can you show me a screen of your LTE interface within Omnia Turris router as I maybe have problem with all those data like APN; PAP, PIN…but I have tried almost every option so far.

thanks in advance

Thank you very much. You are from Austria too. I´m from Graz.

Nothing again.
Maybe I have maybe faulty simcard interface?

I´m sending it back. Can´t imagine being so stupid and not getting it to work. thanks for help.