Python3 - segmentation fault

One of our Omnia routers causes problems.
It runs 5.3.3 firmware version. I cannot use python3 on it - when I try to enter python3 command I get “Segmentation fault” result. reForis interface is not running as well because of the problem.
I tried to remove python3 package from LuCI, but I got this message:
"Segmentation fault
Collected errors:

  • pkg_run_script: package “reforis-storage-plugin” postrm script returned status 139.
    How can I deal with this problem?
  1. Contact support Turris - Support
  2. If you are technically experienced you can reflash your router with medkit (this will remove any configuration!) Omnia - Turris Documentation but would be best to contact support with logs so they could prevent this happening to anyone else.
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