Proximity with internet connection

With at least this update (4.4.38+1-1-efe609c5e5f25db4116d69128330872c-1) there is a proximity problem with internet access.When I’m within 2 meters of the router there is no problem, when the computer is 6 meters away there is a severe (like it won’t load http pages or send & receive email) problem. When the unit was first received and updated there was no problem! Ideas?

Have you made any hardware changes?

Try the other device client. Problems may be on the client side

Is your omnia the only wireless ap you have at home or do you use others with same name to extend your network?

I have a range extender but it has a different SSID

How do I use the other device client?

No hardware changes have been made.

Try other klient (mobil, tablet, etc.)

Which WiFi-network are you talking about? 2.4GHz or 5 GHz? You also said that you made no hardware changes (like replacing the WiFi-cards etc.

If we are talking about 2.4 GHz please post the output of this command

iw wlan1 scan

If we are talking about 5GHz, please post the output of this command

iw wlan0 scan

Could you also post the output of these commands

iw reg get

cat /etc/config/wireless

(do remove ssid and passwords)

Have you changed anything nearby the Omnia? For example places someting nearby it or changed the location of the Omnia?