site stopped graphing router data

It looks to me that although my Turris Omnia is still sending collected data, the project site stopped graphing it sometime on the 20th. See the attached screenshot. Anyone else seeing this? I’ve reported to tech support also.

Yup, looks like it.

Same problem!

Why is here minimum 20 characters?

Yes, first I thought that it’s only my problem because I had to do factory reset on that day when it started but probably it’s the same situation like a few days or weeks ago, data was send but not analyzed. But firewall and Honeypot works (in my case)!

Same problem.

20 characters, right?

We are working on the fix, thank you for the report.

Is it small preparing to finishing lease contract?

It is not. This was a problem created by a little glitch on servers that was fixed by the restart.

But the thing with the lease contract is in final stage, it’ll be out in day or two.