Processes - CPU and Memory usage

What affects the functionality or non-functionality the-section to LuCI … Status - Processes?
CPU usage (%) Memory usage (%)

Can I activate it?

“Processes” listed in [] brackets are kernel threads, so you’re not going to see separate statistics for them. Scroll down the list and look for processes for programs running (like lighttpd or foris). Those might have some statistics, but unless they are actively doing something the number might be very low, or you might miss it. This page just takes a snapshot.

If you want to see current statistics, log into the Omnia and run htop.

You’re right, I was wrong. Some processes are non-zero. And “htop” explains everything. CPU and RAM is extremely low.

python-flup/usr/bin/foris with 0% 2%
{}/usr/bin/python/usr/sbin/ 0% 1%
/usr/bin/kresd-c/tmp/kresd.config-/tmp/kresd-f 1 and to 0% 6%