Problems with auto updater after upgrade

It looks like something didn’t go well with my update. I had auto updates off so I could be present and ran manually. The update seemed to go well, but the router didn’t reboot as I expected it to. I rebooted manually and everything is working great except updated now seems really unhappy.

From the Foris interface:

Updater failed:
[string “postprocess”]:388: attempt to index field ‘repo’ (a nil value)

A run from the command line:

WARN:Script revision-specific not found, but ignoring its absence as requested
WARN:Script serial-specific not found, but ignoring its absence as requested
[string “postprocess”]:388: attempt to index field ‘repo’ (a nil value)
uci: Entry not found
uci: Entry not found
uci: Entry not found

Any thoughts on the issue here and if there is anyway to get back to “normal” without restoring to factory and starting over. (I’ve enough personal mods to the rest of the system, its just time consuming to start over.)

Jut a clarification, the router does not reboot automatically after each update. If there’s a kernel upgrade, it will plan the reboot to according to your setup.

Regarding the issue, I would recommend you doing a comparsion between current state and the last pre-update snapshot using schnapps utility. Look especially for changes in files in /etc/updater/.


For some reason I thought the kernel update would be more immediate, but it makes sense once you pointed it out.

Also, thanks for the pointer to schnapps! I didn’t even know that was there. I’m still learning the turris magic sprinkled in after being a long time openwrt user.

In any case, nothing has jumped out at me that seems related to this. All the changes are minor such as packages I’ve installed post-upgrade and the new code in entry.lua that is related to the two WARNings from the command line.

Guess I’ll do some more digging and reading of

Doing some more digging, it looks like this command called by triggers the error message:

pkgupdate --batch --state-log --task-log=/usr/share/updater/updater-log

The following appears in the syslog:

2016-12-13T23:30:32-06:00 crit updater[1709]: src/pkgupdate/main.c:208 (main):
[string “postprocess”]:388: attempt to index field ‘repo’ (a nil value)

It just occurred to me, I have two packages I hand built more updated versions of starting for the turris code in GitHub. (dnsmasq and odhcpd since I’m doing fun stuff with those.) Could those packages or how they are in auto.lua be contributing here?

if anyone still has this issue:
make sure you have the lastest opkg-trans installed (wget to tmp and opkg install it manually)