Problems after updating to 3.6 on Turris Omnia - RTROM01

Problems after updating to 3.6 on Turris Omnia - RTROM01

Kernel version 4.4.51-627f0117679bc72ef5e58881035f567a-3


I bought the Turris Omnia about 2 months ago.
Some points I wish to point out:

1- I paid the high price (400 euros) while on the way I checked the tracking number I saw 2 days after buying that the price dropped to 360 euros, on the same site (, a little bit frustrating.

2- My very first impressions at the beginning: very powerful, flexible:: no doubt about that

3- After the first aupdate I started to have problems: certificates could not be downloaded, crl.pem missing, updater failed among others, thus I performed a manual update i.e.:

stable version:

opkg update
opkg install cznic-repo-keys
uci set updater.override=override
uci set updater.override.branch=stable
uci commit

4- Later on, after an automatic update to 6.2 various components did not install correctly, again crl.pem missing

5- After an “Update from 2017/03/12 12:44:55”: Majordomo was missing. I tried all what I read from other users and finally decided to flash the router using the latest “omnia-medkit-latest-full.tar.gz” from:

I re-configured again all my personal setting manually (better not to use a previous "configuration backup "restore: it caused -at least in my case- new non-functioning functionalities)

Again new problems when updating: turris Signature validation failed (some keys are missing)

I read ( not working) that this may be linked to the fact that “we compile the flashable images for development branches with these changed URIs, for our convenience. And one slipped into the production.”

As well the recurrent error message “Direct firmware load for ath10k/QCA988X/hw2.0/board-2.bin”, which sounds normal as the present file is “board-5.bin”

To make a long story short: I do not understand why the Turris Team releases systematically buggy updates.

It is not normal that the users have to fight for fixing issues.

Anyway: I like this firewall but the Turris Team should definitively provide stable updates; it is very frustrating to systematically read so much failures in the diagnostic file and have suddenly some non-working features.

I am a scientist (math) and fixing issues in this firewall is really time consuming, I do it as soon as I have some free time.

People asked me if I was happy with this firewall, I said that this device was for “geeks”, certainly not for “normal” users (these would lose their marbles after a very short time).

Hoping to have less issues in a very near future!


I am wondering why we haven’t heard anything official about 3.6 (disaster). I am sure they must see number of missing colllectd/fw statistics since March 9.