Problems after last update

After last update my turris omnia lost internet connectivity AND wireless connectivity. I don’t understand how this happened, it was running fine for months until now.

For the wireless cards both appears on the lspci command, as suggested on the forum I tried to remove /etc/config/wireless but nothing, it still missing from the UI.

For internet connection I have a fiber connection through a ONT, and when it seems to connect it disconnects.

Anyone knows what can be happening?

Thank you

to see what is happening you need to login to Foris, which you can find by default on this IP address and according to the following instructions, which is in the article Error reporting, which is in our documentation.

After successful login to the Foris, you’d need to go to the Diagnostics tab.
Be sure that modules are checked. Press Generate button. Wait approx. 30 sec, reload the page and after you did that you should see that the Diagnostics file is prepared to download. Download it, don’t open it and don’t put the logs in the email and don’t even upload it to the cloud, because it contains sensitive data. It belongs to the attachment to the email, which you need to send to
The subject of this email should be clear and in the content of your message described it as you could.

Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing from you,