Problem with Xiaomi Gateway 3

My Xiaomi Gateway 3 stop suddenly responds via telnet. I use it for communication with Home Assistant integration. This happens at the time of the last Turris update. So it seems to be connected. I try to enable port 23 in firewall settings for all interfaces for the Xiaomi Gateway IP address. But the device still refuses connection when I try to connect to it.
I want to ask if anybody has any idea what I can check further? Gateway is working via the standard Xiaomi app and shows still old firmware 1.4.6_0012 what should have an open and working telnet port.

Forward thanks for any hint or help
Best regards

Xiaomi Gateway also stopped working for me after the last update. But for me the problem was that it didn’t connect to wi-fi. I reset the gateway to basic settings then added the Xiaomi Gateway again in the app. I use Domoticz. The thermometers and other devices connected to the gateway without any setup only two switches I had to re-set. Firmware 1.4.6_176.0220. I have no password set in security settings to access the gateway.