Problem with lighttpd

It started with that I want to use Home Assistants device tracking by using

But when HA keeps polling the router for updates it will run out of fds

2017-01-31 06:27:55: (log.c.217) server started
2017-01-31 09:12:40: (server.c.1747) [note] sockets disabled, out-of-fds

I can just ssh and reset the router but its little annoying not being able to access the web configuration. Any settings?


Seems a problem with maximum open file descriptors.
What does ulmit -n and ls -1 /proc/pidof lighttpd/fd/ | wc -l say?

Check what version of lighttpd you are running? If you have received the latest Turris Omnia updates, you should be running lighttpd 1.4.44. If you are running lighttpd 1.4.42, there is a known lighttpd regression (fixed in lighttpd 1.4.44) that the fd count is incorrect and will exceed the configured limit if there are too many POST requests to a CGI program, e.g. /cgi-bin/luci. (

You should really update to lighttpd 1.4.44, but if you can not, then simply restarting lighttpd on a periodic basis, e.g. hourly, will reset the count.