Problem: 2,4+5Ghz Wifi + LTE Kit + Space for LXC Containers

Dear community!

I have a “problem” with my omnia.

I need both wifi modules and I need the interal LTE Kit to connect special external antennas for LTE/UMTS (which is not possible with most of the usb lte sticks).
Additionally, I want to run a virtual machine (LXC-Container). I’ve read in some topics here in this forum, that it is not recommended to use the internal storage for it.

But I have no slots for an additional mSata modul anymore.

So what to use? USB3 stick?

BTW: I love my omnia! It seems to be the perfect device for my usecase!

You can use external USB storage (stick, hard drive, SSD), preferably USB 3.0 for best performance. It won’t be as fast as mSATA, but better than nothing right? You can also use network storage if you have something available on your network.

It isn’t that you can’t use the internal storage, but that if other options are available, it’s advised to use them first and keep the internal storage as under-used as possible. But if you’re out of options, you do what you have to do.

if you prefer internal msata for storage, remove 2.4 G card and use USB WiFi key on front/rear panel.
My config is 4G/LTE — 5G WiFi — 256GB msata used for lxc/logs/transmission/majordomo on internal, 2,4 nano wifi in front usb, 2x1TB HDD in rear USB3. Sure, there is lack of internal slots :smiley: 5 or more needed for future Omnia2 :smiley:

5 or more slots might be time to move to a PC. :grin: