Power consumption

How much is the power consumption?
a) Router iddle?
b) Router under heavy laod?

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the lowest measured consumption is 4.5W. Consumtion under full load is hard to tell as you can connect many devices which can consume a lot itself.

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Could we have some values without anything special connected? Like when you’re sending data at 100Mbps in an OpenVPN AES256 tunnel?

And the same setup, but with 10-20 firewall rules per example.

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It looks like the adapter is 40 W, can you tell what is max consumption under load when there is no USB device connected?

In the paper leaflet included with turris, there is written max power consumption with all devices 40W. I’m also surprised and I would like to know what are the conditions for the 40W consumption.

Could they be using the same power supply also for the NAS perk? That could explain the power ratings. And also the output voltage is 12V which is used by hard drives.

What is surprising? Adapter is 40W, so the max power consumption is 40W. You probably misunderstood what max power consumption is.