Potential beginners question

hey y’all !
i’m trying to learn more about OpenWrt and router firmware for security and privacy reasons and the Turris Omnia seems like a great option for setting up a VPN through Wiregaurd for example. however, i’m curious if it’s possible to install Debian on the extra storage and then having a separate port or something that can route internet traffic through Whonix while still having regular VPN networks. sorry if this is a dumb question i’m just super curious about the possibility of routing all internet traffic in way that anonymizes or pseudoanonymizes network users.

Yes, you can. But you have to set everything up manually.

there is also a client for the tor network installable as a add in package in the “packages” section of turris os, if you´re interested. but i can´t tell you how it work, for i don´t use tor.

and btw, i don´t think your question is dumb, but quite advanced… but what do i know…