Post-kernel-upgrade auto-reboot despite manual reboot?

Folks, I set up my Omnia on Saturday and after initial setup I manually told the system to upgrade, so I could be in a known-good state. opkg update and then as instructed by output/warning from opkg upgrade. There was a kernel upgrade and I was told I’d get an automatic reboot on Tuesday if I hadn’t rebooted before then.

So I rebooted immediately, because it was a good time to do so.

My LXC container was down today so I investigated, realized (1) I hadn’t set it to auto-start (now fixed, I think) and (2) the router rebooted yesterday.

There’s nothing in the logs about why it rebooted. My best guess is that this was the upgrade-scheduled reboot going ahead, despite my having already rebooted, and that this process is just missing a helpful syslog notice of “hey, we’re rebooting because XYZ” to help with analysis.

Has anyone else seen this? Or should I be looking harder for another reason for the reboot? Is there a good way to get this tagged as a bug, if that is what has happened?


Hi Phil, I discovered an unplanned reboot of my Omnia yesterday December 13th at 10:30 UTC too. I did not find any reason for it as I updated my Omnia already on December 8th and rebooted it immediately. Automated restarts are set to 3:30.
Unfortunately I have no clue what caused the restart.

The update reboot is scheduled using standard UNIX at utility, which stores it’s jobs in /var/spool/cron/atjobs/, i. e. RAM disk that is wiped during reboot. So unless you moved /var to some permanent storage, reboot plan should be wiped after rebooting the device. You can check any planned jobs by command atq.

Thanks, didn’t realize it was just classic at. Alas, /var/log is not persistent across reboots, which is interesting. Fortunately, I’d set up remote logging, but unfortunately I hadn’t tested it and I see in the remote-log-how-to-configure/992 forum thread that this has been encountered before, that luci isn’t actually configuring syslog-ng and I need to manually create a syslog-ng log stanza to get this working.

So I’ve lost logs for this time. :disappointed: I’ll get this fixed to get logs for next time.