Post here about the "upcoming update"

There have been multiple hints on this forum of an update “coming soon” for the Turris Omnia. It would be great if someone from cz.nic actually posted in this forum

  • approximately when we’ll see the update
  • when it does release, detailed info about the update (version number/release notes describing the changes)

Unless I missed it, this hasn’t been done so far for prior release updates.

A software update seems to be sorely needed. In fact although I have my Omnia, I see enough hints of major bugs and problems that I’m not going to even take it out of the box until some of the issues I see here are fixed. Time is money and spending bunches of it trying to work around bugs that should already have been fixed is not worth it to me.

Timely updates were advertised as a strength of this router, I haven’t seen evidence of that so far.


I got an update yesterday but the updater failed to install it; I had notifications turned on and received the following alert:

##### Error notifications #####
Updater failed: 
unreachable: curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host ''

After resetting the router to factory defaults (for independent reasons) I saw the notification in Foris that an update had been installed.

Well, you certainly don’t want to receive an update that would break your router, do you? So proper testing is necessary and that takes time.

If you registered your router for data collection, you can opt in for e-mail notification of upcoming features. You will also get the changelog as an updater notification after a major update is performed.


There have been some small updates (mostly security fixes). These are not advertised in advance, we try to push them out as fast as possible, but as it is one or two packages (which usually just contain the patch to fix that security problem), it shouldn’t break anything.

As for the bigger update that is coming, it is being tested now. But as it turns out, every time we think it’ll be OK, we discover some other nasty problem (this time it is 5GHz wifi driver that reboots the router every time the wifi is turned on ‒ something we really don’t want to publish). And that one should have a heads-up notification. The updater sends a report after it updated things ‒ if you configured an email address in your router.

The feature to accept or reject an update is in development (the updater can do that, but we don’t have the front end for it yet).

@markerfit: No, that’s not an update. It’s a complaint it couldn’t download the config about what should be updated, etc, because your internet connection was broken at the time (eg. it couldn’t ask if there’s an update or not). And, of course you got some updates after a factory reset, when you went back in time with your packages.

Thanks for the clarification, @vorner. Is/will there be a Turris factory image for Turris that would include updates up to a certain point (similar to a service pack)? This would be useful when the amount of updates increases as it would allow flashing the router and then install a smaller number of updates.

There is medkit image. You can see that it gets regular updates. So reflashing the router gives you the most recent TurrisOS version.

This should be in upcoming update, but don’t forget, that it is still in development, so many changes/updates are not mention there. For example:
kernel update,
they changed ath10k driver,
updated iwinfo packages (which should fix 500 html error),
DVB drivers for: dvb_usb_ttusb2, tda10048, az6007 also there will be new version of updater, which you will allow remove packages and they won’t install back in few hours

===================== 3.3 =======================

  • uci: Fix listing of configs if subdirs are present
  • Foris: Added toggling of 80tcp and 2323tcp honeypot, handle error when retrieving messages.
  • ucollect-fake: Alternative telnet port 2323
  • unbound: Support for static local domain
  • knot-resolver: Support for static local domain
  • bash: Enabled job control (jobs, fg, bg, disown, …)
  • reptyr: New package.
  • nuci: Delayed updates support (for updater-ng)
  • ucollect-fake: http server support
  • nethist: Don’t leave multiple instances running
  • ucollect-flow: Avoid infinite loop of asking for config
  • nuci-tls: Prevent parallel CA generation during install
  • Use opkg-trans as a backend in the updater
  • rainbow for Turris Omnia uses interface in /sys, which is provided by kernel instead of direct communication for I2C
  • fix init script of lcollect - Majordomo shows communication in LAN, which it shouldn’t.
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TurrisOS 3.3 should be hopefully released in week.

I noticed that they’re preparing another update and I hope that it won’t take so long! :wink:

Weren’t they saying the same thing a week ago?

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Product development 101: Take any time frame announced and multiply it by 3 or 4.

These notifications were published recently:

Update of router Turris to Turris OS version 3.3 is planned for Thu December
8, 2016. This update requires restart of the device and its installation can
take a few minutes.

List of changes:

  • Update of kernel to the latest version.
  • Fixes and improvements of updater-ng - collision solving, priorities support and other.
  • Update of WiFi drivers to the latest LEDE version, Candela Technologies driver for ath10k.
  • New minipots for uCollect - HTTP and alternative Telnet port.
  • Added new DVB tuner drivers.
  • QoS software Wondershaper replaced by SQM (Smart Queue Management).
  • Basic support for local domain in Knot resolver.

Routers Turris 1.0 and 1.1 will also receive fixes and updates from Turris OS
3.2 already present on Turris Omnia, including the new design of the Foris


@Darknet - thanks for sharing!

But when on 8th? :wink:
Noon? Midnight? 3.30am?

HAHHAHA, i was waiting for that comment.

@quietsche, You won first prize…

and the prize is? A DIGITAL :sheep:


The update is available.

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I just ran and in fact it’s installing now. :wink:

inconsistent: Package kmod-ath10k is not available
root@kukuzi:~# opkg list-installed kmod-ath10k
kmod-ath10k - 4.4.13+2015-12-03-3-05df79f63527051ea0071350f86faf76-9

ok, what now?

Did you installed kmod-ath10k manually? Do you have it in /etc/updater/auto.lua or /etc/updater/user.lua? If so, remove it from there.

Similar issue here - I was trying various firmware to fix the 5Ghz issue and I’m getting this:

inconsistent: Package ath10k-firmware-qca988x is not available

It is listed in my /etc/updater/auto.lua, should I uninstall that using opkg or remove it from there, and will the update reinstall the correct firmware?

My TO updated just fine and everything seems to be in working order, lan & internet connectivity + wireless on both channels.
Also noticed that cake (kmod-sched-cake) is in the package list. Since it should be better then fq_codel I installed and configured it as well. Happy camper here :slight_smile: