Possible to run Docker in a Bionic lxc container?


I was thinking of using a lxc container as a test/dev server for easyengine v4.

The install script failed to install Docker on the Bionic container I set up. I realize that running Docker in a container is a bit redundant but I would prefer to not install Docker on the Omnia directly since it is not supported officially(yet??).

My question is this. Did the Docker install inside lxc container fail from host(Omnia/openwrt) kernel support or did it fail because the Bionic container from Turris lack support for Docker. Has anyone done this or aware of a container with docker preinstalled?

I hope I am being clear. Curious as to the communities thoughts on running easyengine v4 inside an lxc container.

Thank you

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Likewise, I’d prefer to run docker directly, if it was supported on the omnia, but as it isn’t I prefer the isolation and have been running docker inside a basic archLinux lxc image. From there I can run supported arm docker hub images, like pihole. I can’t remember the exact steps but it’s basically documented here:

It would be great if the guys at turris supported docker directly or even a similar lxc wrapped approach and then leverage the maintained images on docker hub like https://hub.docker.com/r/lsioarmhf/tvheadend, as opposed to trying to support these packages themselves.