Possible to flash latest 3.11 from a usb flash drive?

Hello, I can’t seem to set up Turris Omnia OS 5 for my needs and would like to go back to the latest 3.11.23, for which I have a working configuration.

Is it possible to flash it from a usb flash drive with reset option “4 LEDs”?

Where would I find the 3.11.23 file to put on the flash drive? Do you have a link for me?

Thank you

Edit: Found it: Index of /omnia/medkit/


Would you mind telling us what you are trying to configure? So, the community here might help you, or you can reach our technical support department, and they will gladly help you.

Even you found it and mentioned it in edit. I need to discourage anyone from using it and downloading it. There is a reason why it is not mentioned anywhere. The version will soon be deprecated as we can not ensure that you will be safe against recent security vulnerabilities. We will not provide any support for it soon.

That’s why it is highly encouraged to use Turris OS 5.x or newer these days, where we are focusing our development and regularly releasing new versions, contributing to upstream, etc.

Thanks for getting back, Pepe.

I understand and support your concerns about the old version.

Migration did not take VLANs with it and that is some configuration set up already, so I will patiently wait for migration to handle VLANs to 5.x. I don’t want to do it all again :wink:

Also, Turris router had an old 3.7 version inside that did not update anymore (“Updater failed: Unknown error”), hence the flash of the “old stable” 3.11.23 from the usb drive. With that the config backup worked well.

So jumping back has helped getting some networks back online (Freifunk).


Understand. We can take a look if you can share your configuration with me, but no promises. The migration script tries to do its best, and it will never be perfect for migrating all configurations. That’s not possible. So, most likely, you will end up tweaking it a little bit.

In other words, it’s now or never. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my :slight_smile:

Well, I can state I would need a more elaborate manual for setting up VLANs inside LuCI with Turris OS 5.x than is linked at Redirecting... or a way shown to do it in Foris would also work.

It is not as bad as it might seem even though I scared you away from it a little bit. We don’t live in the illusion that it will be smooth for everyone as the migration process is complex due to the upgrade over 3 versions of OpenWrt, new versions of everything, etc.

We know that it really depends on your (network) configuration. For most users, it should be smooth, and if not, it will affect only a few users who touched configuration files manually. Commonly, you can hear negative feedback over optimistic. Almost no one shares positive feedback. :slight_smile:

In (re)Foris, you can not configure VLANs yet. For that, there is a LuCI, UI which comes from OpenWrt.
Feel free to take a look at OpenWrt documentation.

What is not supported in migration scripts are VLANs with PVID, there is better support in OpenWrt 21.02, which was released a few days ago, but we will need to rewrite completely migration process and make sure that everything works, etc. That’s a lot of work for just a few people. Hopefully, you can understand it. We need to move forward.

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I can understand. I also want to move forward, mainly regarding security.

One thing I noticed the two-ish hours I ran 5.x, was that LuCI had only a few of the menus I am accustomed to and I couldn’t find out what to install to see DynDNS menu again, for example. Also I couldn’t find the place for static DHCP entries.

Do you have advice for that?

Thank you

Do you have installed package ddns-scripts? That’s could be why.

If I am not mistaken, this one didn’t change. You can find it where it was. It is located in Network and then choose Static leases.

My guess would be luci-app-ddns

LuCI → Network → DHCP and DNS → Static leases