Possible problem with emmc


Today I received a notification from my turris of an update. It caption my attention the following message at the end:

“Excessive writing to the internal flash disk (eMMC) wear it out and this can result in irreparable damage to your device, which doesn’t have to be covered by warranty.”

Is this a sign that my emmc is starting to have problems or just a warning about warranty policy? I’m not doing high usage of the emmc so i didn’t expect to have this kind of problems. Is there any way to check the sanity of the chip like smart for hard disks?

Thank you


I am thrilled to hear about that as well. Scared me a lot, oh my precious device!


this is a just global warning that you shouldn’t use LXC containers on eMMC or write too much on eMMC, because it has a lifespan as I described in other thread. Many users are not aware of the issue, which I described here:

I forget to mention in my post that the repair, which means to swap eMMC for another is extremely difficult and we don’t have the equipment to do it and that’s why it will be done by 3rd company.

And you asked, if there is SMART tools for eMMC. We’re working on Healthcheck.