Port-mirroring tool - Segmentation Fault

The port-mirroring tool used for port-mirroring packets, crashes with Segmentation Fault in TEE mode. It’s caused by large packets with size>2048 bytes. We can get them easily, because Omnia has generic read offloading enabled by default on all interfaces.

The problem has been reported to package maintainer and to openwrt repo, but because I created a functional patch for resolving the issue, can be possible to fix the problem in Omnia immediately.

Patch is available at github in this bug report:

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I thought the TEE mode required iptables-mod-tee, which is not available.

Am I mistaken?

This daemon is able to do same job as mod-tee - just replace destination MAC address in the header and forward the packet to another destination. And you are right, Mod-tee is not available for Omnia. I can vote to implenet this by all my 10 fingers. Until that, the port-mirroring can be used, or another user-space solution - Daemonlogger
But port-mirroting allows to forward on a remote system easily, and then process captured traffic on some better and more powerful hardware.

update this is the request : https://github.com/mmaraya/port-mirroring/issues/66

@polachz Any experience with 1.4.2-3?

Does the current package port-mirroring (1.4.2-3) have this patch installed? I am wondering if I need to patch it myself.

No, patch not applied. Too complicated to get patch to OpenWRT or Omnia.