Port 2323 open without activation of data collection


Based on a portscan I found out that Port 2323 TCP is filtered and 2323 UDP is even open/filtered. I found an old TO thread that these ports are used for honeypots. The only problem is that I did not activate data collection/honeypots in foris and ucollect is disabled in luci. There are no (active) firewall rules regarding these ports. Why are they open without my consent? How can I close them?
Thank you.

What is your extern IP ? Try on-Off Data collection. No redirection in youre firewall ?
How youtest extern ports ? https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2

I tried to turn off and the ports 23,80, 2323,3128, 8123, 8080 were OK closed (exclude 22 haas-proxy).

There is no redirection in the Firewall regarding that port. Yes, I did use the Gibson Shields-Up portscan. It says Port 2323 is in Stealth mode, only ping reply is active. I cannot turn off data collection because I have never subscribed to it, e.g. data collection page on foris is not used by me. As far as I know ucollect in LuCi is the only other place where I can switch data collection on/off. But it is disabled. Are there any other places where I can do changes?
My ISP did a scan from outside and said that he can reach a login page on port 2323… Why?

What change ? Port 2383 is stealth ? If is stealh all is not ready ? Maybe info from youre IP provider is not true, I believe Gibson Shields - Up. Send youre extern IP via message.

Yes Port 2323 is in stealth which is OK. My ISP is still scared because of Mirai IoT Bot etc. and said that I have to fix it. There is nothing else to fix if the port is in stealth but if he insists I can not ignore that. For now I have put another router between ISP and TO. So now I have three router in a line. Great!
I just did a grc.com scan for Port 23 and 2323 and both are in stealth. My ISP is happy and I have a setup that I do not want. Another scan from outside would not show a different picture now.
And yes I do totally agree with you that the info from the ISP might not be acurate, I believe in Gibson Shields-Up, too.