Please, keep OpenWRT as flat as possible

The Turris Omnia has several use possibilities. And I think the best is provide all extra functionalities as packages and keep the base OpenWRT as a pure router. For that each person can select how use it.

For example I pretend use it for combine the functionalities of my current OpenWRT router (Netgear wndr3700v2) and my home server (Wandboard). These functionalities are.


  • VLAN Trunk (LAN - DMZ)
  • IPv6 (Tunnel HE)
  • BGP (Quagga for DN42, I like Bird but currently it crash)
  • OpenVPN (P2P for DN42)
  • SQM (I would like QOS more advanced, for priority LAN over DMZ)

Server (with external RAID HD connected by eSata using an adapter Sata to eSata) I think implement all these functionalities in a LXC connected to LAN on Turris Omnia:

  • Samba (File sharing)
  • Cups (printing server)
  • SANE (Scanning server)
  • OpenVPN (Server for my mobility devices)
  • DLNA Server (MiniDLNA)
  • LXC - LXCFS (Linux Container, with root SubUID and SubGID, connected to DMZ):
    • NSD (Name Server for DN42)
    • Transmission (Torrent P2P)
    • Nginx (Web Server and reverse proxy for Transmission)

PS: Another possibility are two OpenWRT “versions”, one flat and other with all extra functionalities.


my +1 here! with enough flash anyone can add anything.
Please do NOT add minimized packages like dropbear or uhttpd - just install openssh+scp and apache right away!

Please NOT. SSH makes sense, but not everyone puts a webserver on his router - and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d rathe use nginx.

But what WOULD make sense: Installing proper coreutils etc. instead of the shitty busybox versions. There’s enough space so there’s absolute no reason for busyboxed versions.


Hm… ok, I understand your concern and agree.
It’s allways that conflict between nginx and apache :grinning:

+1. Apache is an old-style bloatware, if anyone needs it - please use repository. Same with pstools - just install them if you need them.

If you want to run “put-the-name-here”, then you can install it later as a package or virtualized.

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It’s better to have the default be the minimalist packages that OpenWRT includes by default. People who want more can install the more powerful package, but flash space and ram are limited, for every ‘better’ package you make default, it eats up resources that can’t be used for someone to do fancier stuff.

nobody is going to want the more powerful version of everything, they want the more powerful versions of the packages they are working with, and the minimalist versions of everything else.


I would say that graphical interface to router settings (LUCI or whatever) needs a webserver. Therefore webserver should be included in core anyway…