Pkgupdate vs. reforis


I tried to update on new 5.1.4, however web interface does not show it (I submitted “check updated” multiple times), while pkgupdate does.

any idea how to make reforis see the new packages?

I don’t know updater stuff, but the update shows on my Omnia’s reForis (on :snail:HBS).

maybe it will tomorrow, it doesn’t now. this happened in the past already.

Maybe the check for new packages is run from cron job, but when I run pkgupdate manually and it can see updates, why can’t reforis?

so, while 5.1.4 whould be available for two days, no update appeared even when I checked for updates multiple times.
Even after reboot.

last time I reported repeated update of kernel packages:

I have denied those updates, maybe it caused that.

I also noticed the same bug as:

I found files in /usr/share/updater:

…both created after last update check.
removing those two files and running update again allowed me to see and install 5.1.4.