Pkgupdate priority clash

TOS 3.10


running pkgupdate produces

invalid-request: Requested both Install and Uninstall with same priority for package freshclam

similar happens with


and with


it results in

INFO:Queue install of clamav/turris/0.98.7-2
INFO:Queue install of luci-app-clamav/turris/20150520
INFO:Queue install of freshclam/turris/0.98.7-2

You most probably have install request in opkg-auto.lua.

I had installed clamav, luci-app-clamav and freshclam through LUcI -> software and later on removed only clamav the same way. After which neither luci-app-clamav nor freshclam showed in LUcI -> Software searching for ├žlam, hence assumed that there were no leftovers in opkg-auto.lua.

Just rolled back via schnapps to the snapshot prior to the clamav installation

luci-app-clamav depends on clamav and because of that if you remove clamav then opkg probably removed luci app too. But because that was implicit opkg operation there was no information about it for updater wrapper. This is unfortunately limitation of chosen implementation of opkg and updater synchronization.