Ping spikes when omnia is idle

hello, posting to see if anyone could explain/help with the turris omnia 2gb having sporadic ping spikes for no reason. i ran a ping plotter to show what was going on. with no qos enabled. these test were ran when the network was quiet and every few minutes the ping shot up, ping plotter was only using bandwidth during tests as well ( the one in the middle was a speed test i ran fyi) .
the spikes happen frequently , with QOS enabled also (fq codel/cake)

could it be ICMP filtering at the router, or what could it be?

How did you connect the measurement computer running ping plotter to the omnia, wired or wireless? Could you run:
from the omnia’s command line, to check where the delays occur? Mtr is similr to ping plotter in that it will continuously probe all hops along the path and it will also give some statistics (just no fancy plot), of which the maximum probably is going to be the most relevant for your question…

i am not familiar with using command line.
i am connected via ethernet. contains instructions how to reach your omnia via a ssh command line client. Should not be too hard (and might be a helpful skill in working with the omnia; not necessarily something you want to do routinely, just something useful to know if required).

Ah, then this is not simply wifi in a noise environment. If you get the command line up and running you could also post the output of “ifconfig” which will also show an error counter for ethernet interfaces…

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thanks for reply! looked over that website you suggested , i tried cmd in windows and got no luck bringing up ssh (maybe im looking for the wrong way to bring up command line? ). i seen something in luci that has ssh can that be used?

Well, if you install and allow it to add itself to the path, any new CMD instance will allow you to jus type “putty” then put into the “Host Name (or IP address)” field and click open. But the turris documentation is quite explicit:

Recommended software

The best way how to access a terminal via SSH from windows is to use Putty
For file transfer we recommend WinSCP
Login to terminal via SSH

Open the Putty application and put this line root@ to the Host Name (or IP address) text field on the Session tab.
Move to the Window → Translation tab and set the Remote character set filed to the UTF-8 value.
Optionally you can save the session settings on the Session tab.
Click on the OK button to log in
If you are trying to access the terminal via SSH for the first time the program will ask you whether the identity of the router is correct. It is acceptable to answer yes for the first time."

Luci will not allow you to run interactive on-line updated commands as mtr or “top -d 1” so I do not believe that is going to help you.

I wonder why create another thread after Ping rtt still spiking

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thank you for your suggestions , i will give it a try :slight_smile: