Picture of the hacker pack

Hello guys,

we have received a lot of questions how the hacker pack looks like. I am sorry it took us some time to prepare it but here it is:

It consists of a hacker case with many holes for comfortable connection of cables and high quality UART/USB cable with genuine FTDI chip (it’s way better than those Chinese copycats for $1). With the cable you can access serial console thus modify the settings of u-boot upload your own operating system and so on.


Looks great! Will there be an option to order the hacker pack later?

If i remember correctly this was a time limited offer much like the nas box.

I did not order the hacker pack, but can i just buy a serial console cable and use it?

For example the one used for the Raspberry pi


Yes. That’s actually the one I’m using right now ( https://www.adafruit.com/product/954 ).

Thanks, gonna order one in the future.