pfSense as router OS?


Speaking as one of the >main< people behind the pfSense project, if you want pfSense on Turis, you need only get in-touch.

Frankly, we would be enthusiastic about this, and would love to carry (OEM) the router platform for pfSense.

Alternative to openwrt firewall?
pfSense pro ARM


Official pfSense support would be awesome!


If CZ.NIC ever ships me my Turris units… perhaps pfSense will be an option.

Honestly, I think they DO NOT want that to happen.


I responded to you via Indiegogo campaign. Yes, I’m the guy, who told you to calm down
Everyone can see that youre frustrated, but this doesn’t help.
As you can see in latest update they said that all rounters are already in shipping company, which handle 150 rounters / per day.
Also in Twitter they said and in latest comments on the campaign that they’re trying speed up the process and you can check this thread, where others also writing about their experience with shipping.


furthermore, there might not even be a tracking number in the end either. you might get the router without warning one day. so dont count of tracking numbers too much.

and these frustrated posts are childish :slight_smile:


And don’t forget that he’s developer of pfSense.


The world has changed now a days, all because of how fast we get things done or receive.

Back in the day, more then 200 years ago, to go from EU to like china, would take you maybe 6 months or longer, now a days we get there in like 6-10 hours or so. Because of that, people have forgotten what patience is. The young back then were the impatience one’s and the old had a lot of patience, now a days the young have more patience then the old.

We live in a very bizarre world these days.

EDIT: If somebody should be frustrated, then it would have been me. Today my RAID5 setup of my own build NAS failed. I lost like maybe 1.5 TB of data. :sweat_smile: …Movies, series, ebooks, pictures etc. But i say…eeaahh…what can you do. Just level up to RAID6 then XD. So now building a RAID6 :joy: .