Pakon - MAC translation

I just tried the new Pakon:

|Device |Turris Omnia - rtrom01|
|Turris OS version |3.10.1|
|Kernel version |4.4.131-a2dbf3bef3d0c1f725e0a5f0801935a1-2|

I see /etc/config/pakon and I can run pakon-show as described here:

  1. Kudos! I love what I see. A major improvement of MajorDomo in that I can see the URLs that were accessed!

  2. And yet, MAC addresses are raw. Majordomo supported a config that mapped a name to each MAC address. That’s not optional. It’s crucial for use as a parent. I need to see the devices I know about by name and any suspicious ones by MAC for me to explore.

I really appreciate this and hope it progresses quickly. I have kids and I wanna make sure I can see the websites they access from home I guess.

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thanks, we’re glad you like it.

About 2, it’s possible to set names for MAC addresses (you’ll then see names instead of raw MAC addresses). I already explained how to do it here: Pakon questions (that’s new in 3.10).

It’s just not mentioned in the documentation yet, I’ll try to add it there as soon as possible.

It’s in documentation now as well, thanks to @Pepe.


From the doco it seems you’re just taking the DHCP names from my static leases. But it’s not working. I had this problem with MajorDomo once and it was a case issue. That is, my leases are with uppercase MACs and lowercase ones are reported by Majordomo (or PaKon in this case).

Is this why my PaKon is not resolving names and reporting MACs instead?

Is it possible for you to fold the case of DHCP leases to lower when you read them? Much cleaner. I mean I can go and use lower case on my leases, and I won’t cry over it, but frankly a tool like PaKon or MajorDomo should (much as DHCP clearly does) not fail on case distinctions in Hex codes. That, to my mind is unclean code.

Oh ok, there is this problem with different cases. It should be fixed in the next release.

You’re right that case shouldn’t matter with hex numbers, but the MAC addresses are processed as strings, so the code needs to be aware of cases everywhere…

Thanks. Can’t wait for the next release! Has it got an ETA?

It probably won’t make it to 3.10.2, that’s now in RC (unless we will have to do some changes in that RC before deploying it).
So probably in 3.10.3, in few weeks.

If you want to try it now, just do:

curl > /usr/libexec/pakon-light/;
/etc/init.d/pakon-handler restart

The same file will be bundled then in the package…