Pakon and guest wifi

How work Pakon ? Cam i see in Pakon quest wifi activity ?

in default pakon config I can see

config monitor 'monitor'
	list interface 'br-lan'
	list interface 'br-guest_turris'
	option notify_new_devices '1'

so there is good chance it will catch guest traffic as well

Please see our FAQ in the article for Pakon. There it is explained and of course, by default as @xsys wrote there are included two interfaces br-lan and br-guest_turris.

Perhaps this is so, but if I connect the “known” device (usually using by LAN) via the guest network , I do not know whether it was the operation via LAN or via guest. My devices are named and on fixed IP.

Although it has device assigned a different IP address in the guest network - appears in Pakon after the name assigned in DNS for LAN.

I need to find (foreign device) for the test to monitor guest network traffic in Pakon.