Override host entry


I would like to overrride one particular DNS domain name with my local server on LAN. Putting it to /etc/hosts does not work which is surprising because I do see dnsmasq running and it does this automatically. I know there is also kresd, so probably it serves the DNS.

How do I put a custom entry into my DNS? Thanks.

dnsmasq isn’t used for DNS by default. See this wiki entry: https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/public/dns_knot_misc#adding_static_address_records

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Thanks, how do I restart kresd?

Hmmm I am getting on a freshly installed system:

root@turris:~# /etc/init.d/kresd restart
Error! Required variable port not defined in /etc/resolver/dns_servers/99_google.conf

Vyřešeno. Nicméně mi to nefunguje, že by DNS cache? Zkusím to flushnout.

Whoops, back to English. Problem solved, happy New Year! :slight_smile: