Overall stability / first few days


Trying to upgrade/retire my Omnia, which has been rock solid for years. Ordered the MOX Classic package from Discomp. People there were fast and friendly, arrived soon enough. First problem: Something was weird and rattling in the package. See New MOX, something rattled / was loose in the box - #4 by Taz

I opened the router and made sure that goes back where it belongs, as recommended in that thread.

The ethernet module is flaky. Cables that are proven to work (between other hardware) get no stable connection between the MOX and my laptop. Plugging the cable into any port doesn’t even give me a carrier (no lights on either side) unless I wiggle and twist. Like … a bad fit or an unstable connection? This is a terrible start and I don’t know how to resolve this.

The router software was outdated. No update was working, hitting 404s and basically doing nothing. Went to grab the medkit and flashed via USB.

Now I’m on the newest release and while I managed to configure it once, for the grand total of … say 5 minutes or so, it crashed and doesn’t come up again since. The LED is doing the heartbeat thing, wifi doesn’t come up, connecting via ethernet (if the stars align and the ports work) doesn’t work either.

Basically I’ve spent days on this by now and am utterly confused. Is this a normal experience? Did I receive a lemon here? I don’t mind tinkering with things (if voluntarily) and I accept that I have to handle soft bricks if I meddle with stuff. But clicking next, next, next in a configuration wizard should lead to a working router, no?

Any suggestions? Contact the reseller? Gonna be a pain in the ass, because they’re in CZ and I’m in Singapore, but as of now I see myself unable to use this thing for anything at all :frowning:

Try to contact Turris support, they will do the best to help you.

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