Orders made in the last days of the Indiegogo Campaign

During the closing days of the Indiegogo Campaign

Part of a Update posted on Indiegogo two weeks ago:

“This week we also have one more important announcement. Because all routers from the campaign were already passed to the shipping company, we will shortly start regular retail sales of the routers. Thus we will stop offering routers through Indiegogo. If you would still like to use the price we offer here or the fact that Indiegogo is available world-wide (our retail sales will concentrate primary on Europe), you have until October 31 to order. On November 1 it will no longer be possible”

My question is:
Has any one that ordered after this post and up to Oct 31 recieved notification or an update to your “Order Page”?

Sorry all,
Just noticed my order is listed in the contributions list
as " two weeks ago" along with quite a long list of participants.
I persume this large group of routers have been added to those "already passed to the shipping company " ( see quote in first post )