Operating Mode: Gateway

I would like to replace my old WRT54GL with my new Turris Omnia,
The WRT54GL get his IP via DHCP and worked as Gateway (Option: Setup->Advanced Routing->Operating mode).
May be the WRT54GL configured 3 static routes by itself or gets this routes via DHCP - I don’t know…

How can I setup the Turris Omnia to this behaviour?

I have no internet connection if I connect the Turris Omnia to the ISP cable, but it works if I connect to the WRT54GL (and WRT54GL to ISP cable).

I am grateful for every suggestion.

My guess is that ISP needs to know yours Turris MAC adress.

In Forris you can change MAC address of Turris to MAC address of your current device. Its under WAN bookmark. (

Yes, you can, but it’s working on 50/50. :slight_smile:
So it’s better to let know ISP about changing device

Thanks, it works!!!
I’ve entered the MAC address of my own(!) WRT54GL into
I tried also other MAC addresses but it’s not working - very strange…
By the way: my ISP is Primacom in Germany

Did you power down your cable modem inbetween switching routers in your initial tests? IIRC, on many cable systems the CMTS will only ever DHCP to one MAC address while the modem is active. On charter I had to power down the (bridge) cable-modem (for a few seconds) and then start both modem and router in quick succession for my router to be accepted by the ISPs DHCP servers. I would not be amazed if that would also be necessary with other cable ISPs, like Primacom.

Hi guys, how should I get my Turris MAC adress? My ISP wants it but I am not sure how to get it. I used getmac command under windows cmd line but there is a list of macs and I ma not sure which one is correct.

On the underside of Turris there’s sticker and on it should be MAC address of Turris.

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Assuming you use eth1 as WAN interface (which I believe is the default, the following will work from the command line:

root@turris:~# ifconfig eth1 | grep -e HWaddr
eth1 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr AA:55:66:00:77:FF
(this address is obviously anonymized)

Note in the foris GUI under WAN you can also assign a MAC address to the wan interface, so you could just re-use the MAC address from the device you used before (but make sure to not connect the old device to the same network, MACs are supposed to be unique)

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Thanks a lot! Stupid me! There really is a sticker with WMAC and LMAC.

Thanks for reply, moeller0. I will use info from sticker first. Anyway I will test your instructions as well.