OpenWrt 19.07 - rc2 (Turris OS 5.0 dev) is released!

Branches Here Be Kittens (hbk) :cat:, Here Be Lions (hbl) :lion:, Here be Dragons (hbd) :dragon: are for experienced users.


  • zip was removed from packages feed.
    More details in this commit:

  • python3-pydispatcher was only packaged in Turris OS 3.x, Turris OS 4.x. The latest version 2.0.5 is from 2015 and they claim according to their website that Python 2.x is still the primary development target for them and that’s why it was removed. Python 2.x is going to be EoL soon. There are no packages which depend on it and it is not installed by default.

  • madplay is currently not compiled on OpenWrt 19.07. Needs to be investigated. We don’t have it installed by default and we don’t provide it through our Package lists in Foris. Madplay comes from packages feed.

The rest packages like python3-libatsha204 and fix-updater-v65.0-alternatives-update should be there already. There were not there since yesterday as those three branches are development branches and some occasional bugs are expected. Details about our branches can be found in our documentation.