OpenWrt 19.07 is EOL

OpenWrt 19.07 on which it is built TOS 5.3 is end of life.

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Hopefully TOS 6.0 is around the corner. Right?
However, Turris OS 3 was in production for much too long so this situation would not be new and also still should not present security issue as Turris Team is keeping software security updates up and running.

Not so sure.

By the end TOS 3 was definitely not as secure as we would have expected.

@viktor I would like to know if you have any source for that. I can see that the page was last modified 5 months ago. image

Did you check the OpenWrt mailing list to confirm your findings? While reading the source you posted, it is “projected,” and as it happens, the plans always do not go as well as you might think. Anyway, I’m following OpenWrt development, and even you can find me on #openwrt-devel , #openwrt-adm IRC channels on oftc, you can find there that there is going to be one more OpenWrt 19.07 release before it is EoL. The EoL status will be announced. :slight_smile: You are just impetuous.

But you don’t need to worry at all. We will keep it secure as we can until Turris OS 6.0 is ready. Right now, it is available in one of our development branches.


Ah, I thought this whole topic was supposed to be April fools joke :grin:


Viktor, I have been observing you for some time and have come to the conclusion that you enjoy spreading FUD about almost anything. In this case, you precipitate dare I say, a disingenuous outcome.

This is not a good look for you. It would be wise to consider deeply what your message truly is and decide if it has benefit for the audience you intend to reach. Remember, we post for the benefit of others, not ourselves first and foremost.

Granted, sometimes a simple error in comprehension can be the root of a keyboard fumble but as in the case of Pepe, did you observe how much more effort he spent on finding the truth of the situation?

You could benefit from his example in this regard.

Have a good day Viktor.


Same as the truth about Turris Zero?

also a tip, go to your user menu, , and block him. Did that a year ago, and i can tell you, you don’t miss anything. Everything is negative, it is basically trolling around.
The positive thing of blocking him is also that you do not read the comments on his trolling, since people stop reacting.


What are You saying about Turris Zero?