OpenVPN port unwanted change by Forris (How to change OpenVPN port)

Turris 3.11.2 problem:

After FORIS configuration slight modification (all traffic trough oVPN), the port was suddenly reverted back to original port 1194, altrough the port was previosly changed. This make the Foris OpenVPN configuration not ideal.

Please choose port 1194 just for new installations. Please let user choose to revert back port into original 1194 by checkmark (if needed). Do not modify valid current config without notice.

If anyone meet such problem, it is necesarry to change oVPN port in LuCi configuration under: Services / OpenVPN. Than also at Network / Firewall / Traffic Rules … by OpenVPN rule…

If you intend to initiate such OpenVPN configuration with changed port on a client, you have to edit the turris.conf file and check if it contain:

remote “your IP” “your port”.

Basically if you change the port under LuCi and reload the Forris page, the file would be OK.