OpenVPN - Luci configuration - missing values for seting protocol - tcp-server + tcp-client

I changes configuration in Luci for connection between two routers. When i saved it, Luci remove value for protocol. I must set this parameter over shell - uci set openvpn.mojevpn.proto=‘tcp-server’.
At this moment in Luci i only see for field proto: --remove–, udp, tcp, udp6, tcp6.
Is possible add this two missing parametrs to Luci: tcp-server + tcp-client.
(verze rozhraní foris: 97.13, Verze Turris OS 3.10.3, Verze jádra 4.4.138-1e8e1b4c23f383e990eb3c4f490f5f2e-1, luci-app-openvpn git-18.145.30016-526a876-1)


Unfortunately, you found the bug. Each bug should be reported to our technical support, which is available on mail address and they including me will answer it or assign it the related person, who can take a look at it or fix it.

Since you have already reported it here, I took a look, where the issue might be.
It is because this commit from this pull request doesn’t make it to OpenWRT 15.05.01, so I asked @paja if we can do some changes in LuCI because fixing stuff in LuCI in our build it’s not trivial. He’ll try it to add it, but I don’t want to promise anything, because I don’t know how the things will go or if it wouldn’t break anything else.