Open Source Smart Gateway: FalconGate

Hey there,

i’ve come across an article with an interesting feature for our Omnia

If anybody is willing to try it on an lxc debian:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git
cd /opt
sudo git clone
cd FalconGate/
sudo python

Please also report here your progress (I haven’t tried it yet :blush: )

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The installer took me down into dependency hell and I gave up because I was only mildly curious about it. Good luck.

note. i was trying to install it fresh into a lxc container running debian.

My Raspberry Pi liked the prebuilt image. Up and running in no-time without hassle. That I like, for the rest it seems a bit spartan but time will tell.

Is that any actual value added here? How much of the FalconGate functionality is achievable on TO by installing and configuring the correct packages?

In the short time using it, it detected multiple PUPs on cohabitants electronic devices and it did block some traffic to malware domains. Also, you get a list of known devices but no real tracking of devices connected to the network.
It also blocked the English Wikipedia and GitHub for some reason. Still evaluating though.