Onedrive or sync client

will it be possible to run Onedrive, Googledrive or sync client on the router? There are no official apps for Linux [they are only for Windows, Mac, iphone, Android] but some unofficial are available. Or is there any cloud storage at least of 5GB for free, with sync client which would be able to run on the Turris [2GB RAM]?

It would be awesome! +1

There aren’t many proprietary services that offer ARM Linux binaries. I think Sync ( is one exception, but you then need to run it on another machine as well. has 50GB free and I think there are sync clients for the open API they provide. There is also SyncThing which is open source and quite similar to Sync. And Seafile, sparkleshare, owncloud and pydio if you want to run your own dropbox like system.

well, the thing is, I need to run sync on multiple device [both mobile and PC like] and locations. On some devices I’m only able to run Onedrive and on some other only Then I use Cloudhq to automatically sync [two-way] Onedrive and Box storage. Cloudhq does not support, owncloud, etc. With free account it only supports
Google Drive
Yandex Disk
Amazon Cloud Drive

I’m not sure how WebDAV works, whether it could be the way how to sync something running on Turris?

There is davfs2 available for old Turris and most probably will be available for Omnia as well. Haven’t tested it yet, but should be possible to use it to mount webdav (and reasonable and open services will probably support it - ownCloud/Nextcloud does and AFAIK as well) and then you can use rsync in theory.

Ah, there seems to be:

Thank you guys, looks promising :slight_smile: Will see when the router is delivered…

Any chance rclone will run on the box?

rclone seems to be written in Go. Most likely the ARM binaries will run without problems.

Supporting WebDAV means it supports ownCloud/Nextcloud because both support WebDAV for accessing your files.

WebDAV-URL is http or
You can also click on Settings in the lower left corner in ownCloud and it will show you the WebDAV-URL.