OneDrive client for Turris Omnia

Hello all,

I am looking for OneDrive client which could be installed on TO. There is a discussion on this forum, 2+ years old, but without any relevant information, so let me start again.

I do have have a share on TO, only users, but with different credential. I would like to have synced this share to my OneDrive. I see clients for Linux but not for OpenWrt or TO. Is there any way how to do it?


Jan K,.

You could give a try to Insync. It’s not free, but it works well (though I only use the Desktop version for Windows and Linux). Try installing it in an LXC container (and move the container to an external drive!).

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Seconds on you Insync suggestion. I also use it on Windows, Linux and MacOS. They have a headless version for Linux that might work on your router.