Omnia, version 3.11.23 - No upgrade since four months

Hallo everybody!
I am using a Turris Omnia, and I do not notice any problems or issues.
However, I regularly take a list of the installed packages and their versions, and the last time this list has changed was between Jan 26 and Feb 9.
In other words: My Omnia has not installed any upgrades for about 4 months.

  1. Is this normal for version 3 - really no changes currently?

  2. Where can I find logs of upgrade attempts and their results, success or failure?

Thank you for all hints and tips!


Hello exDBA,
there is nothing wrong with your router. Turris OS version 3.11.23 is the latest release for the 3x series.
The reason for that is, that we are focusing our developing effort on Turris OS version 5.2.0 and higher.

Turris OS 3.x will be updated only because of security reasons (remote code execution error in critical service etc. ). If you want to have the latest supported version, please migrate to Turris OS 5.2.x
We have a simple howto on this site