Omnia reboot behavior (haas, ucollect and updater)


I’ve recently experienced updater, ucollect and haas proxy problems similar to those mentioned in other threads and restarting services was not helping or gave errors but restart of Omnia solved it so I wondered what’s going on. Problems always occurred after power outage and I have TO connected to UPC modem/router that leads me to idea that TO have problems if it doesn’t have internet connectivity during boot/startup as UPC modem starts longer than TO.

Did someone else also noticed this? (hope I didn’t missed similar topic during search)

There’s a known problem where the ucollect doesn’t seem to start properly at device boot up using the current init script. It works fine if ucollect is restarted after boot up using the same script Data collection broken at The developers are planning to roll back to an older version of the script that worked.


Thanks. I’ve read it but in my case it seems to work opposite.