Omnia network not showing up

I can see wireless network fine on my Macbook Pro but not on my local PC win 10.

I have watched loads of YT vids but cannot find reason why network not showing up.

If I setup new connection on Win by manual connection and input info
Network name Turris_5G
Security type WPA2-Personal
Security Key

and click next it comes up with “A network called Turris_5G already exists”

But I cannot see the bloody network to join it.

Any ideas? Works fine on Mac.

Not techie so probably real obvious to someone who knows what they are doing.



Does the wireless card in your PC support the 5 GHz band?

Yes as I have had it working previously. I must have changed something but dont know what.

Perhaps you had 2.4G wifi switched on (on Omnia) and shut it down later.

Yes I had Turris 2G and Turris_5G but deleted the 2G network so only 5G in operation.

Am going to do factory reset - once I have worked out how to do that! and start again.



Seems overkill especially since your Mac can connect to the network. This leads me to believed that something is going on with the PC which prevents it from connecting with the 5 GHz network. Does the PC see other 5 GHz networks?